Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration : The University for the public service sector

With the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, Switzerland offers post-graduate facilities for teaching and research in the field of managing public and para-public organisations. An institution open to students throughout Switzerland, IDHEAP is an independent foundation associated with the University of Lausanne and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, and receives support under the Swiss Federal law on assistance to universities.

IDHEAP is devoted to post-graduate training for students wishing to take up public service, and provides advanced professional training in the broadest sense for members of administrative bodies. For this reason, IDHEAP offers a wide range of courses that permit students to acquire or expand the knowledge needed by specialists in the public sector. It also offers the MPA (Master of Public Administration) and organises seminars for specialists and managers (SSC – Séminaires pour Spécialistes et Cadres). In addition, it proposes training with a view to obtaining a doctorate in administrative sciences awarded by the University of Lausanne.

A training centre in service of public institutions, IDHEAP is also open to companies and organisations from the tertiary sector, thus enabling their employees to gain insight into the specific functioning methods of the public sector.

Beyond its teaching activities, IDHEAP also carries out research aimed at furthering basic knowledge of how the public sector operates. Finally, the constant objective is to provide those in charge of this sector with the most appropriate and most innovative analytical and management tools in order to assist them in their work.

IDHEAP boasts a team of specialists in public policies, public economics and public management that is unique in Switzerland: for this reason, the Swiss public authorities (the Confederation, the Cantons and the municipalities), those of other countries, and the commercial sector all call upon its expertise. The consulting work contributes towards strengthening the permanent interaction between theory and practice that characterises the training provided by IDHEAP.